We are so excited to share this part of Tree of  LIf3 with you!  We have been working on Tree of Lif3 for a while now. I would say all our life's experiences and learnings have led us to this.

Even though we come from two ends of the world (he from southern California and I from Mumbai - India) , we share the same core values and understanding of health and fitness. Our experiences were different, but the insight gained is the same. It is that - health is a journey, and a big part of understanding how to live holistically is constantly staying in balance - mind, body and soul. 

Through this website we want to share with you what we do to keep that balance. Through this space we want you to remember, know and live as that Tree of Life. You are mother nature, you are the roots in the earth, you are the nourishment which takes daily love, nurturing, knowledge and practice. 

We bring to you some of the most potent products of nature that restore and enhance vitality and health. In addition, expect to see tons of  plant-based recipes, workout routines, videos and info on health and wellness, reviews on products we come across... lots of wisdom and random ,fun things we come up with.

Feel free to share your comments and words of advice with us via comments or email Info@TreeofLif3.com

Sending everyone so much love and peace.

PJ and Misha