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6 Pull-ups a minute challenge - Not Easy!!

6 Pull-ups a minute challenge - Not Easy!!

Six pull-ups a minute, sounds easy right?

This challenge is tough! Each set of pull-ups is a different variation and challenges your grip, back and core strength. I did it yesterday and completed all 10 sets in 10 minutes.

The last 4 sets my grip got very tired and there's a few pull-up variations I could improve on.

One arm assisted pull-ups was where it got real tough but I did the reps the best I could.

Headbanger pull-ups was another set where I feel I can improve. The moment I relaxed between reps, the harder the next rep became. So you just have to keep going! 

The final set was 5 seconds up and 5 second down. This was difficult and I had to stop and rest between the last few reps. That's okay, just be sure to finish the set.

I like this challenge because it's something you can add to your workout once or twice a week and see yourself improve in form and strength. Also, I enjoy the variations of pull-ups that challenge you in new ways.

I plan on doing this in the beginning of my workout once or twice a week. You could do this as a quick workout as well. It's enough to get the blood flowing and test you physically and mentally.

Try this workout out this week to see how strong you really are!!

"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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