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5 ways you can destress  when you're feeling out of whack!

5 ways you can destress when you're feeling out of whack!

Life is full of all kinds of emotions. One day you wake up and everything seems to be going your way - you're on top of the world! The next day you just can't say the right things, you feel clumsy, you're worried about a deal going through, or you keep forgetting  to get things done. On the weekend you might find yourself at the beach happier than a peach, but during the work-week you are stuck inside, aggravated by the lack of fresh air and nature around you. Emotions can be triggered by all sorts of events and environments, we all have good and bad days, and thats Okay! But there are some things we can do to help us not only cope, but thrive and be awesome on the daily !

Here are my 5 simple ways to de-stress and come back to your natural self. 

Earthing barefoot on grass or soil

Earthing refers to taking your shoes off and planting your feet on earth's soil, dirt, grass, sand. We all know the feeling of being at the beach and digging our toes in the sand by the water or walking barefoot in a garden. Everyone is happy, carefree, and relaxed when they toss those shoes off, and being barefoot could very well be the "Sole" reason.

Wondering why? The planet has it's own electronic charge and getting in contact with earth seems to balance our bodies with earth and increase blood flow. We take in so many "positive electrons" or EMFs through wifi, TV, computers that we need to take the time to plant our feet. The "negative electrons" from dirt, grass have the ability to balance out our bodies. Some of the benefits we experience are reduced inflammation, deeper sleep, reduction of stress hormones, and release of muscle tension. I personally try walking on soil 20 minutes a day while listening to good music or enjoying nature, and this has made a huge impact in my everyday life.

Expressing yourself - writing down your thoughts aka Journaling

Although surfing the web and connecting with friends through social media can be fun and exciting, there is nothing better than unplugging your phone and quieting a busy mind. I find that taking even just a few minutes to write down your thoughts daily can really help release tension and even help realise what may be causing you stress or tension in your life. Having a gratitude journal where you write all the things you are thankful for is a great way realise all the wonderful things surrounds us in our lives. Writing down empowering statements or affirmations is another way to change your life. For example, "My hard work continues to bring me wealth, health and happiness". If you can change your mind, you can change your life and journaling is a great way to relax, de-stress and help us get back to our core or natural selves.

Sit by a Tree

This one is more helpful than we can ever imagine and Misha and I swear by its benefits! Trees have the ability to cleanse negativity in the emotional and mental bodies that reflect as emotion or pain in the physical body. Trees are well known to detoxify negative thinking and empty our minds. It is well-known buddha became "enlightened sitting by the Bodhi Tree" and this could very well be due to Trees grounding effect and ability to reconnect us with nature, spirit and the true essence of life. Trees are extremely grounding and can teach us to be stable and have a solid foundation. Spend time in nature often throughout the week (even just 20 minutes a day is great!)  and put your back against a Tree, walk around trees, don't be afraid to even hug a tree! (that always makes us smile). You will feel how connected you are to all life around you and in the process, you will let go of all distractions and tension. I guarantee doing this regularly will have short and long term benefits! 

Clean up your act!

Our home is our comfort zone. We eat, sleep, work, and play in our home. The environment we surround ourselves with very much plays a role in our mental mindset. When we are organised and keep our space clean, we can find things easily and work much more efficiently through our day. A cluttered, messy area often makes one feel anxious, held down, and stressed. A clean home/room/office plays a bigger part in managing stress than you think. Toss things you don't need or donate old clothes or things that are still good to goodwill. Make your bed! or go outside and wash your car. Making your home tidy can be a form of meditation - turn on some good music and incorporate this habit for life! Remember cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Music for your soul

Music, tones, vibrations can change the world. Everyone can relate to that one song that gives you a burst of energy or makes you want to dance and let go. The best part about music these days is that it is free and we have it at our fingertips.

I find waking up and putting on a good station while I get to work sets the tone for my day. If you don't have any music start humming or singing your own song in your car or as your moving throughout your day ( yes! often I really do this!). I often notice when I'm in the best moods I'm singing as I do my work. Music in the soul can be heard by the universe - Lao Tzu. Make a point to listen to more soulful music and watch your mood uplift and stress melt away!

So that's it!

I hope you enjoyed my 5 tips for a stress-free life. Try these and I guarantee you will find yourself happier, more focused, balanced and overall less stressed in your life.

Take off your shoes, sing a song, clean your home, start writing and go sit by a tree. Life is Good.

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