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Turmeric & Cumin Rescue Tea

Turmeric & Cumin Rescue Tea

How Can Turmeric & Cumin Rescue Tea Make You Feel Great?


As your body enters a natural cleanse cycle, the last two weeks of February may be critical for your health. The heavy snowfall & dampness characteristic of February is a sure sign that spring is approaching. Winter fat starts to melt, clogging your circulatory system, and making blood rich and oily. Without proper diet and herbal support, symptoms like a runny nose, watery eyes, dark circles, sneezing, coughing, itchy nose/eyes, asthma, and headaches run rampant. As dampness builds, you'll suffer from other ailments as well, like sore throats, puffiness in your skin, and heaviness in your chest. These are all important warning signs that your body's natural detox cycle is causing a buildup of congestion in your body. Take caution, as this is a peak season for serious ailments like congestive heart failure and heart attacks.

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Sip Turmeric & Cumin Rescue Tea to ease ailments while easing into spring. Cumin's warmth and rustic dryness soaks up the excess of spring moisture. It's pungency dilates blood vessels, helping blood flow smoothly through your veins and restoring your skin's healthy glow. Turmeric invigorates your blood and gets it moving again, dispelling winter stagnation. Turmeric helps to directly thin the blood, digest proteins, and metabolize fats efficiently. Together, these spices provide some relief from the imbalances of winter and the coming spring.



Serving size: 2 cups




  1.  Place spices in a tea cup. Pour 1/2c boiling water over spices and let steep, covered, for thirty seconds. Fill remainder of cup with room temperature water, or until liquid is cool enough to drink. 


Recipe adapted from Joyful belly Ayurveda
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