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4 Mother Matcha Tea Recipes you will LOVE

4 Mother Matcha Tea Recipes you will LOVE

In case you have not already noticed, PJ and I have been obsessed with learning about and taking Matcha lately. We have been sharing a lot of what we have learned about this fantastic gift from nature. So much so that we are now even offering a Limited Edition "Organic Mother Matcha" - organic, ceremonial grade Matcha Tea powder n Tree Of Lif3 that I am sure you will LOVE! My greatest learning about buying Matcha that I want to share with you is to make sure it is Organic and from a trusted source. Our Matcha goes through rigorous testing and removal of heavy metal and is USDA Certified Organic.

I wanted to share with you 4 simple and convenient ways that you can make Matcha without getting too technical or stressing too heavily on the ceremonial aspect of Matcha.

The word Matcha means "Powdered tea". It comes from a high-quality green tea leaf that is harvested and processed very differently from regular green tea. The tea is ground into a fine powder that is called Matcha. Traditionally it is made into a hot/warm drink but it really tastes great cold too! As far as water temperature goes, use water that is just under boiling point for your hot matcha and the cold matcha can be made with chilled to ice cold water.

Without further ado, let me show you the 4 simple Matcha tea recipes I picked for today! The first 2 are the two main, traditional ways matcha has been made for centuries in Japanese tea ceremonies. Koicha and Usucha. The next two are more modified versions that are delicious and very popular these days.


Koicha is the strongest Matcha. A thick, creamy, dark green Matcha shot without any bubbles/ froth. Intense flavor profile with a slightly bitter taste that transforms into matcha sweetness.

You will need the traditional Matcha whisk or a regular kitchen whisk to make this. Koicha is often used as the base to make Matcha Lattes.


  1. In your bowl (or  a traditional Cha wan) add the Mother Matcha and pour in the hot water
  2. Kneaded with the whisk in alternating circular and criss-cross motions to blend Matcha with the water. Note that you are using the whisk just to make sure you are combining everything without lumps (not too vigorously whisk the drink).
  3. Pour out into your drinking cup/bowl and enjoy! 


A more common way of drinking Matcha, Usucha is a thinner, more sippable matcha. It's a frothy, smooth matcha that has a nice crema because of the whisking. You can make it with the whisk or even an aero latte milk frother that are available online. I like to use my regular kitchen whisk because it does the same job.  


  1. Add the matcha to your bowl and pour in half the amount of hot water. Mix well with your whisk to remove all lumps and blend in the matcha with the water to make a paste. 
  2. Add in the rest of the water and whisk in a "W" or "M" motion if you are using a whisk. If you're using a milk frother like this one here. 
  3. You will see the thick frothy cream forming on top when it's ready. Notice how much lighter in colour it is to the Koicha.
  4. Enjoy straight from the bowl :) 


 This is for those who don't have a whisk or milk frother. Or those who just want to make a quick, easy matcha drink that is just as good, but definitely not traditional. I have to admit, we use this method a lot. 

Cold Matcha has a slightly different flavor profile. Its a little brighter, less bitter and you pull out more of the fresh grassy notes of the matcha. The warm matcha tends to me a bit creamier and slightly more bitter. 

Same proportions as the Usucha for this one. 

  1. Add everything into a clean, empty mason/jam jar, seal and shake it all up vigorously to mix it up. 
  2. (strain out the ice if using) Pour into glass of choice and Enjoy!


Probably the "trendiest" way to make matcha. Matcha lattes are now available at most coffee shops. But! did you know that most of your local or large chain coffee shops that offer matcha lattes often don't even use the real thing (read Starbucks) or use a cheap matcha powders/substitutes? 

Make your Matcha Latte at home!

  • 1½ teaspoons Organic Mother Matcha
  • 1 tablespoon hot water
  • 1 cup almond or plant-based milk of choice
  • 1 teaspoon agave, honey or maple syrup




  1. Add Matcha into a cup or mug and add 1 tbsp hot water 
  2. Briskly stir the tea using zigzag motions to mix well into a paste
  3. Heat the milk and sweetener. 
  4. Froth the milk for about 10 seconds. You can do this by using a milk frother* or even a french press**
  5. Place a large spoon just inside the rim of the frothing cup to hold back the foam and pour the almond milk into your cup with matcha
  6. Gently scoop or pour the foam on top of the latte

Soo there you have it! 4 ways that we love Making our Organic Mother Matcha.

My favourite: Usucha + Matcha Latte

PJ's favourite: Mason Jar iced/hot Matcha and Matcha Latte

Try making yours at home and tell us which ones you love! 


Notes :

  1. Make sure that you use filtered water or spring water. Ordinary tap water contains too many minerals which may affect the flavor of the tea.
  2. When making hot Matcha, make sure the water is not too hot. It should be just under boiling point ( 75-80 C)
  3. * Milk Frother ( available on Amazon/online)

4. ** How to froth milk in a french press ( click image to watch video)

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