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Honey & Spice Throat Coat

Honey & Spice Throat Coat

The weather is changing yet again,(or is about to change) and it is time to turn to our trusted Honey & Spice Throat Coat - A quick and efficient way to help reduce congestion, regardless of the forecast.

In this formula, turmeric, ginger and black pepper invigorate, warm, and circulate the blood. This has the effect of flushing fluids and drying them up. Invigorating the blood also tends to open up the lungs. Honey heats and breaks up mucus. It also provides a quick burst of energy. Its thick texture allows the healing spices to linger and coat the throat.

The sweetness of honey provides a soothing base for the warm heat of the spices. Ginger and black pepper impart an energizing & stimulating lift. This spicy, warm sweet and thick lozenge is delightfully tasty for children and adults alike


Serving size: 1



  1. This traditional ayurvedic syrup is designed to be savored and licked slowly from a spoon. The honey coats the back of the throat allowing for sustained contact with the spices. These spices heat the throat, nose and chest -- highly effective for sore throats, runny noses and other allergy or flu-like symptoms. 

  2. Prepare this remedy in individual portions using unheated raw honey and take 2 or 3 times a day between meals. Mix together and lick from a spoon over a 15 minute period. The formula should be strong enough to warm the back of the throat.

Image and credits : Joyfull Belly

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